Our Services

Pouya Design Studio offers tailored solutions and combines expertise in design, technology and innovation for consistently successful products and experiences. Our complete suite of services includes premium design solutions for all industries.

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Design Research

We begin by understanding user needs and identifying areas of opportunity through in-depth research. Our collaborative process generates innovative concepts that are refined into strategic and empathic designs. We define key product details, brainstorm practical solutions, and integrate appealing models with feasible engineering structures to bring your product vision to life.

– User-Driven Research

– Product Roadmap

–Trend Insight Analysis

– Ideation and Concept Generation

– Product Design Sketching

Design Development

Our design development process is a seamless journey, starting with concept ideation sketches where we consider all aspects of product design, including aesthetics, usability, and engineering requirements. We prioritize user experience, human needs, ergonomics, and materials/finishes, all while ensuring a feasible design. By presenting 3D models, we effectively communicate our vision, providing a visual representation that illustrates the functionality and appearance of the product in the real world.

– Concept and Design Refinement

– Form and Shape Optimization / CAD

– Ergonomic Evaluation

– Materials Selection / CMF

– Aesthetics and Styling

CMF Development

We offer modernization projects that renew product ranges by selecting the right materials, colors, and finishes. Our designs are rooted in reality and enriched by knowledge transfers that drive innovation. As experts in CMF, we provide tailored solutions that are highly performative and sensorially adept, respecting sustainability requirements and production feasibility.

– CMF Trend Research

– Color, Material, Finish / CMF

– Textile and Pattern Design

– Sustainable Material Design

– Specification and Design Control

Design Engineering

Our mechanical engineering expertise creates tailored product designs that integrate mechanical components and systems to deliver optimal functionality and user experience. We use DFA and DFM principles to ensure efficient assembly and manufacturing processes, reducing production time and costs while delivering high-quality products that meet market demands. We also provide all production documentation and work closely with manufacturers to ensure the successful realization of your product vision.

– Product Development / DFM

– Component Integration / DFA

– Simulation & Analysis / FEA

– Production Documentation / BOM

– Tooling Design

Prototype and Test

Our in-house workshop allows us to swiftly give physical form to ideas and mechanisms with a combination of soft modeling, rapid prototyping, and electronics. By relying on our broad range of prototype services, we can quickly validate and refine product designs, utilizing rapid prototyping and testing methods to ensure optimal performance and minimize issues before moving to full-scale production.

– Proof of Final Concept

– Rapid Prototyping

– High-Fidelity Mock-up

– Low-Volume Production

– Production Planning

Product 3D Visualization

With our cutting-edge 3d visualization techniques, we produce high-quality 3d renderings and CGI animations that accurately depict the final product, allowing for efficient design approval before entering the prototyping stage. Our photorealistic renderings not only enhance brand identity and product perception but also allow businesses to easily create captivating marketing materials that showcase the various options and functions of the products.

– Photo Realistic 3D Rendering

– Creative CGI Animations

– 360° Turntable Animations

– 3D Interactive Configurators

– VR Presentations

Packaging Design

Create a lasting impression with our tailored packaging design services that carefully consider cost, logistics, and sustainability. From custom artwork to structural design, we elevate our client’s brand message using our experience developing distinctive packaging for a variety of industries.

– Packaging Visual Language

– Conceptual Development

– Label Design and Illustrations

– Engineering and Structure Design

– Mock-up and Simulation

Brand Identity Design

At Pouya Design Studio, we take a comprehensive approach to developing unique brands that resonate with end-users and differentiate our clients from competitors. We blend strategy and storytelling to create impactful brand expressions and unlock the hidden potential of their products, resulting in visually striking and effective visual identities that connect with audiences. Our holistic branding approach supports our clients’ growth objectives and positions them to attract ideal customers.

– Brand Positioning

– Website Design

– UI/UX App Design

– Product Catalogs and Brochures

– Logo Design and Illustrations